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Sonoma County Waste Management Agency

Central Disposal Site & Transfer Stations Fee Schedule

County Disposal Sites Operated by Republic Services

Annapolis Transfer Station
3549 Annapolis Rd., Annapolis CA 95412
CLOSED Sunday-Monday-Tuesday
Disposal & Recycling
Wednesday-Saturday 8-4, (707) 886-5204

Central Disposal Site
500 Mecham Road, Petaluma, CA 94952
CLOSED Sundays
Monday-Saturday 7-3, (707) 795-1693
Recycling & reuse
Monday-Saturday 7-2:30, (707) 795-3660
Household Toxics Facility (Building #5)
Thursday-Saturday 7:30-2:30, (707) 795-2025

Guerneville Transfer Station
13450 Pocket Canyon Dr./Hwy. 116, Guerneville CA 95446
CLOSED Sun & Wed
Disposal & Recycling
Monday-Tuesday 8-4, Thursday-Saturday 8-4, (707) 869-3878

Healdsburg Transfer Station
166 Alexander Valley Rd., Healdsburg CA 95448
CLOSED Sundays
Monday-Saturday 8-4, (707) 433-5631
Recycling & reuse
Monday-Saturday 8-4, (707) 433-0321

Sonoma Transfer Station
4376 Stage Gulch Rd., Sonoma CA 95476
CLOSED Sundays
Disposal & Recycling
Monday-Saturday 7-3, (707) 996-6597

Disposal sites are closed on:

  • Every Sunday
  • New Years Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Republic Services
Use of disposal sites is limited to residents and businesses in Sonoma County. Payment by cash, check and credit card only. No debit cards. Minimum $25.00 fee on all weighed vehicles. Liquid and hazardous waste are NOT accepted.


Fee Schedule for Central Disposal Site & Transfer Stations– Revised April 1, 2018. Fees are normally changed on April 1 of each year and may change at other times throughout the year without notice. Minimum $25.00 per vehicle.
REFUSE: $118.50/ton
All vehicles are weighed.
YARD DEBRIS: $75.00/ton NOTE: Yard Debris Not Accepted at Central Disposal Site only. Clean Yard debris and clean, untreated Wood Waste accepted at all other Transfer Stations.

Tree trunks, leaves, grass, prunings, fruit, vegetables, bread, rice, pasta, eggshells, coffee filters, etc.
No garbage, plastic bags including compostable plastics, poison oak, cactus, palm fronds, pampas grass or bamboo, cooking oil & liquid waste, Sudden Oak Death infested material, dirt or rocks, sod, animal waste, BBQ ashes, tree stumps and cardboard. Tree stumps over 24” in diameter are not accepted.
WOOD WASTE: $75.00/ton NOTE: Yard Debris Not Accepted at Central Disposal Site only. Clean Yard debris and clean, untreated Wood Waste accepted at all other Transfer Stations.

Lumber (unpainted), pallets, plywood, wood siding, chips (no dye added), OSB (oriented strand board)
No painted/stained wood, particleboard, MDF (medium density fiberboard, sawdust.

Freon Appliances:

Non-Freon Appliances:

$40.00/appliance that contains(ed) freon

$15.00/appliance without freon

Air conditioners, refrigerators & freezers, water coolers, etc. All food waste must be emptied before drop off.

Dehumidifiers, dishwashers, hot water heaters, microwaves, ovens/stoves, residential furnaces, trash compactors, washers/dryers, water softeners, oil-filled radiator heaters, etc.
ELECTRONICS: No fee for recycling of electronics

Computers (CPUs), TVs, printers, cell phones, answering machines, digital cameras, CD and DVD players, radios kitchen and bath appliances.
MATTRESSES: $25.00 each Mattress or mattress Set. Crib mattresses charge at normal garbage rates.
TIRES: $10.00/tire without rims

$15.00/tire with rims
Passenger vehicle/pickup truck tires only (no large tires or rubber equipment tracks)

Up to 9 tires maximum per load
SMALL MOTOR ITEMS: $15.00 each Engines, chainsaws, lawnmowers or other gas filled items, etc.
Remove gas/oil from motors
and dispose of properly at the Household Toxics Facility or related programs.
PRESSURE TREATED WOOD: $160/ton Treated wood is accepted at the Central Disposal Site ONLY. $160/ton pressure treated, railroad ties, telephone poles (less than 7 feet). 

Cover your load. It’s the law.
Local and state laws require garbage being transported in a vehicle to be covered in a manner to prevent dropping or spilling onto roadways. Effective April 1, 2016, a $15 per vehicle uncovered/unsecured load fee will be collected.

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