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Sonoma County Waste Management Agency

For Owners & Managers

Resources for multifamily recycling

Poster for single-stream recycling (PDF: 1.4 MB)
Póster con información de reciclaje mixto (PDF: 502 kB)
Commercial veggie scrap recycling poster (PDF: 1.77 MB)
Póster con información de reciclaje de desperdicios de comida (PDF: 1.77 MB
Other downloads and graphics

State Mandatory Commercial Recycling


Local laws for multifamily recycling infrastructure

Rohnert Park
All multifamily complexes shall receive recycling service by city garbage franchise agreement (section 5.3.2). Rohnert Park Disposal shall assist by recommending the number and type of containers needed to service occupants and achieve a diversion rate in excess of 50%. For assistance at your complex, contact Rohnert Park Disposal at (707) 586-2283.

Unincorporated area
Recycling containers required on multi-unit premises.

Chapter 22 of the Sonoma County Code requires managers or owners provide sufficient containers for recyclables.

With the passage of AB 341, California’s Mandatory Commercial Recycling Law, multifamily dwellings of five units or more regardless of the amount of commercial waste generated are required to recycle.  Additionally, California passed AB 1826, California’s Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling Law, which requires multifamily dwellings of five units or more to arrange for organic waste recycling services.  The purpose of these laws are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by diverting commercial solid waste to recycling and composting efforts.

Learn more about the law and how to comply.


  • Recycling should be just as convenient as taking out the garbage. Recycling containers should be located in the same area as the garbage containers so it is easy for tenants to recycle when they take out their trash.
  • Place recycling containers in common areas such as the mail area and laundry room.


  • Provide recycling information to your tenants at least once per year and to all new residents when they move in. Resources include the Agency’s Sonoma County Recycling Guide and handouts provided by your garbage company.
  • Make sure that your garbage and recycling bins are clearly labeled.

Common Issues:

  • Bulky waste Frequent tenant moves may generate large amounts of bulky goods (such as furniture, appliances and mattresses) and other reusable items. For resources to donate or recycle these items, use the “What would you like to recycle?" search function at the top of this web page. You may also call the Eco-Desk for advice at (707) 565-3375.
  • Electronics There are many options for recycling and proper disposal of electronic devices (such as televisions, computers, monitors and other consumer electronics).
  • Household hazardous wastes encompasses a wide range of materials such as paint, solvents, pesticides, drain cleaners or any product that contains potentially harmful or dangerous chemicals. These products should never be poured down the drain or put in the trash. Dispose of these materials by using one of Sonoma County’s Hazardous Waste Disposal options.

Single-stream recycling service providers

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