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Sonoma County Waste Management Agency


News Releases

Federal Lawsuit Leads to Closure of Sonoma County’s Municipal Composting Facility (posted 05/22/2015)

Demanda Federal Lleva al Cierre de la Planta de Compostaje Municipal del Condado de Sonoma (posted 05/26/2015)

Carryout Bags Ordinance goes into effect September 1, 2014 (posted 08/26/2014)

La Ordenanza de Bolsas para Acarrea las Compras entra en vigor el 01 de septiembre 2014 (posted 08/26/2014)

Sonoma County Waste Management Agency hosts Bag Fairs: May 13, 14 & 15, 2014 inviting all grocery stores and retailers in Sonoma County (posted 05/05/2014)

Sonoma County Waste Management Agency Waste Reduction Program for Carryout Bags Ordinance (posted 02/20/2014)

Programa de Reduccion de Desecho de Bolsas Plasticas 2014 (PDF: 105 kb) (posted 02/20/2014)

Sonoma County Waste Management Agency Holds Stakeholder and Community Feedback Forums on Carryout Bag Reduction Efforts (posted 03/02/2012)


Future of Sonoma Compost in limbo as pivotal settlement deal (posted 05/20/2015)

Sonoma County compost operation now at pivotal point (posted 05/19/2015)

Sonoma County yard waste compost operation in peril (posted 04/18/2015)

Rains send Sonoma County compost operators scrambling (posted 02/07/2015)

How to recycle unusual stuff in Sonoma County (posted 01/15/2015)

Sonoma County plastic bag ban in effect Monday (posted 08/31/14)

Dipping into new (locally made reusable bag) market (posted 07/24/2014)

Countywide plastic bag ban could be in place in March (posted 01/18/14)

Sonoma County, cities wrangle over plastic bag ban (posted 09/18/13)

Santa Rosa may pull out of Sonoma County's plastic bag ban (posted 09/08/13)

Is 'paper or plastic' a thing of the past? (posted 07/09/13)

Do you know where Petaluma's garbage goes? (posted 05/08/13)

Low turnout, but high support at meetings on countywide plastic bag ban (posted 04/13/2012)

Sonoma County light bulb disposal program expanded (posted 09/09/2011)

Waste Not, Want Not (posted 10/2010)

Sonoma County central landfill reopens (posted 9/8/2010)

Sonoma County forges ahead with trash contracts, reopening of landfill (posted 6/8/2010)

Sonoma County may reopen landfill (posted 6/5/2010)

Zero-waste living moves into mainstream (posted 6/4/2010)

Cleaner fuel from trash (posted 4/16/2010)

Ukiah votes to explore reopening landfill (posted 3/17/2010)

Knee-deep in rubbish - for a cause (posted 3/23/2010)

E-waste solutions (posted 1/1/2010)


Composting process at Sonoma Compost Company (posted 1/3/2012)

Commercial Food Scrap Composting Pilot in the City of Sonoma (posted 6/17/2011)

Press Democrat video from the Jan. 9-10, 2010 Santa Rosa electronics recycling event (posted 1/1/2010)


Sonoma County Waste Management Agency ● 2300 County Center Drive, Suite B-100 ● Santa Rosa, CA 95403