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Sonoma County Waste Management Agency

Treated wood

treated woodTreated wood is banned from disposal in the garbage.
Sonoma County Refuse Disposal Sites do not accept treated wood for disposal. All wood treated with preservatives is subject to California's Hazardous Waste Control Law and may only be accepted at approved facilities.

Treated wood refers to dimensional lumber treated with chemicals that protect wood from rotting due to insects and microbial agents. Chemicals include arsenic, chromium, copper, creosote and pentachlorophenol which are hazardous to humans and the environment. Identification is not difficult as long as you know the characteristics.

How to identify treated wood
Look on the surface of the wood for small slits. These are numerous, staggered along the board and look like staple slits. They help with deeper chemical penetration and retention. Most pressure-treated wood has these slits. Examine the wood especially the edges, for a green tint. When the lumber is young, this will be the most identifiable sign of pressure-treated wood. As it ages it will fade to a dull gray color.

Examples of pressure treated wood preservative include:

  • CCA (Chromated copper arsenate)
    Common uses: sill plates, trusses, joists
  • Creosote
    Common uses: railroad ties
  • Pentachlorophenol
    Common uses: phone poles, some fence posts
  • Copper based such as alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ) and copper boron azole (CBA)
    Common uses: decking, landscape timbers
  • Borates
    Common uses: sill plates, trusses, joists
  • Other wood preservatives

Depending on the type of preservative, you may be able to dispose of your treated wood waste at one of the following facilities.

Drop-off/pick up for treated wood: for residents & businesses

Altamont Landfill & Resource Recovery Facility
10840 Altamont Pass Road, Livermore
(925) 455-7300
Drop-off & fee: all kinds; visit website for instructions.

Daniel O. Davis, Inc.
1051 Todd Rd., Santa Rosa
(707) 585-1903
M-F 7-4:45. Drop-off: usable treated wood only accepted for reuse.

Global Material Recovery Services (Construction & Demolition
Recycling Facility)

3899 Santa Rosa Avenue, Santa Rosa
(707) 585-0511 / (707) 585-8246
Drop-off and fee: all kinds; call for quote.

Industrial Carting
Santa Rosa (707) 585-0511
Pickup and fee: all kinds.

M&M Services, Inc./Windsor Materials Recovery Facility
590 Caletti Avenue, Windsor
(877) 698-8473
Drop-off and fee: all kinds; call for quote.

Recology Hay Road Landfill
6426 Hay Road, Vacaville
(800) 208-2371
Drop-off & fee.

Redwood Empire Recycling Facility
3400 Standish Avenue, Santa Rosa
(707) 586-8249 / (707) 586-8247
Drop-off, pickup & fee.

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